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A Piece of the Big Easy in the Burgh

“A Piece of the Big Easy in the Burgh” The Strip Magazine By Emily King   In late August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall, becoming the most costly natural disaster in United States history. Its winds and rain caused significant damage in parts of Florida and the Gulf Coast, but the deadliest disaster occurred […]

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“Treasures at Home”   Published in The Strip Magazine   Emily B. King   1277 words     Laura Kirich is a professional treasure hunter. Luckily for the people of Pittsburgh, she doesn’t hoard her treasures all to herself. Instead, she sells hand-sculpted pottery, beautiful furniture crafted from salvaged wood and hundreds of other distinctive pieces […]

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An Artist First

An Artist First   Emily B. King   Published in The Strip, 3/10/10 web and print   1672 words   Everyone an Artist Gallery was absolutely buzzing with excitement on the opening afternoon of their most recent show, appropriately named, “Surprise!” It could have been the energetic theme of the show, but most […]

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